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GOOD Inc. is a product development studio that puts people first. We solve real world problems with innovative software. Innovation and strategy is in our DNA. From transforming startups into multi-million dollar organizations, to helping nonprofits create software for social impact, our passion is using software to improve the human condition.


We create experiences that transform brands, grow businesses and make people’s lives better. When you do GOOD work, you have no competition. The solutions dominate the problems and the obstacles bend at you feet. We are an incubator for GOOD ideas. Since we are hackers ourselves, we can quickly determine how to make products that people want, and make GOOD ideas even better.

Life is

We don't care what you think you know. We don't care where you went to school. We care about the fire in your heart. We are looking for extraordinary human beings who want to do GOOD work. We crush each and every single day as if it were our last. Do not inquire with us about a "role". We are not looking for employees, we are not looking for interns, we are looking for people who will use GOOD Inc as a launchpad for the rest of their lives.


Our mission is to create software for the greater GOOD.
We measure our success as a company, not by the size of our profits, but by how well we achieve that mission. We believe that we have a responsibility when creating software to have empathy for our users. GOOD Inc. is committed to fighting inequality and discrimination, specifically as it applies to the unintentional barriers introduced by software.
We also strongly believe in net neutrality and a free and open internet.
We are a Public Benefit Company in the pursuit of social GOOD.

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